Anonymous asked: when and where are you playing in Leicester? thanks

Trying to get a Leicester show this summer! :)

Anonymous asked: new crywank is really good!! keep it up :~)

Thanks a lot, working on a new release now. I think it’s an improvement on TINYAEIS so far, hopefully people feel the same

Anonymous asked: Will there be a cassette/LP release of the album? Sorry if you've already answered that question somewhere, I just couldn't find any information on it.

not yet, one day, maybe…

Anonymous asked: hello! totally digging the new album! is there any way for us guitar enthusiasts who aren't that good at guitar to find out the chords to your music? thank you!

There are some tab websites that do them, I don’t know how to tab music though and wouldn’t do the besrt job. Currently doing a blag guitar series on youtube though where i teach some songs…. sort of

iamablanketstatement asked: I relate too much to Obsessive Muso With No Friends which makes me feel like I've missed the point of the song. It is ridiculous.

The song is mostly about me relating to sad songs by other musicians by projecting my problems of privedge onto their lyrics. Upon discovering some of the stories behind those songs it can often feel like I don’t even deserve to relate. The songwriting begun with the final line and all resolves around it. I did write it in a cheeky way to try and get people to relate to the song so the last line had more of an effect, but I don’t think you’ve missed the point, you likely just feel similarly to how I do.

Anonymous asked: Love the new album, James. Do you have lyrics for Leech Boy, I am Shit, I'm A Cliché and Just A Snail? They're missing from Bandcamp.

I totally got lazy whilst writing them. Along with ‘respond to all ignored mail on various websites’, put lyrics online, put songs on soundcloud and make a website are all on my to-do list.

Anonymous asked: The new album is actually perfect, not a single flaw!

pretty good going for an album about my flaws.

joples asked: Man, the new album is fucking phenomenal! I cant even begin to tell you how much your music has helped me get through some real shit that's been going on in my life in the past year or so. Thank you, I hope I can catch you when youre next in London

Hey joples! Really glad you enjoyed it, I’ve been working on the follow-up at the moment! It’s always good to hear from people about my music helping. I’ve had some sad and horrible e-mails in the past (people telling me things about them self-harming to my music) which certainly isn’t what it was written for and makes me feel like stopping altogether. Knowing it has genuinely helped some people encourages me more than I can really word. I’m playing a free show at the birds nest on the 5th of may! Say hi if you come!

shite4brainz asked: Mate I'm in love with your music(sorry for not telling you until now, I was too nervous till now) Your raw lyrics are so relatable yet so original. I know you may consider yourself a cliche(correct me if i'm wrong) but I believe you to be a unique beautiful human being, and your music gives me chills. Anyway just dropping a message to say you're fab, & i love painting to your tunes and how develops a connection between me and my best mate even though, shes half way across the world. Peace!

Hey, thanks for the message, no reason to be nervous. I still question my own originality in regards to the fact that I seem to tick a plethora of boxes in regards to ‘sad singer songwriter’ tropes, but hopefully an awareness of that does allow me to be seperated from it to some degree (although then I guess all I’m doing is ticking the anti-folk tropes as well). I’m happy you listen to my music when you paint. It’s nice to know what my songs are the soundtracks to within the lives of others.

Anonymous asked: Could you play in Leeds? That would be amazing!

I am I am, is the link, it’s in May :)

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