Thought cycle gusty a mind filled with hot air. 
Must I care for nothing more than myself? Do I dare 
admit the fraught thoughts cavorting? Resorting in inner-directed mourning 
for the part of me that was selfless but left without a warning. 
Well that’s what I said, but maybe it’s the fact that I detest 
this obsession with myself that’s left a mess inside my head. 
Oh shit I’m doing it again, repelling any potential friend, 
revealing my innate ability to never fully comprehend 
anything bigger than myself, but in the end I still pretend. 
Condescending anyone polite enough to choose to misspend their time 
watching me as I achieve my secret social mission. 
To drain people with my boring stories and opinions. 
To see the bigger picture takes intelligence and wisdom, 
but I won’t see nothing more with just myself in my vision. 
I go outside a blitz of faces unwilling to admit to any empathy, 
endlessly incessantly declining any pleasantries. 
Heavily breathing, socially teething. I’m open like a vivisection. 
Intense tendency to dwell, seething over missed connections. 
Infected by my perceptions that I’m a non-entity, 
project my insecurity until intensity is weaponry. 
Grieving a heavenly fiction I perceived whilst I was dreaming. 
Awake! Freezing, wheezing, fundamentally I’m still believing that, 
this is an elegy for concepts I conceived in deep sleep, 
as I helplessly watch them fade whilst I awake, I try and keep them alive. 
Incomparable with life but eventually they die 
and the brain I used to cultivate reveals my lovers where a lie. 
When inside my mind I find a way to replicate reality. 
Through lucid dreaming I decimate the limitations of actuality. 
Capacity practically eternal, mortality external, 
no god but I investigate the blasphemous worship of the nocturnal. 
Internally existing without morality creates profanities without the travesty 
and compared to the apathy of realness I reveal my own insanity. 
The majesty of fantasy protects me from tragedy. 
Normalities effects traject the agony of rationality. 
Which thankfully penetrates with no avail to my unreality, 
an elaborately designed privately owned spiral galaxy. 
Financially I’m failing, naturally decaying. 
Soon I’ll have no safe place to sleep if these bills still need paying, 
displaying cravings with open eyes for something mind expanding 
for when I drift away I see the totality of understanding.

nottingham in may!

nottingham in may!

Anonymous asked: when and where are you playing in Leicester? thanks

Trying to get a Leicester show this summer! :)

Anonymous asked: new crywank is really good!! keep it up :~)

Thanks a lot, working on a new release now. I think it’s an improvement on TINYAEIS so far, hopefully people feel the same

Anonymous asked: Will there be a cassette/LP release of the album? Sorry if you've already answered that question somewhere, I just couldn't find any information on it.

not yet, one day, maybe…

Anonymous asked: hello! totally digging the new album! is there any way for us guitar enthusiasts who aren't that good at guitar to find out the chords to your music? thank you!

There are some tab websites that do them, I don’t know how to tab music though and wouldn’t do the besrt job. Currently doing a blag guitar series on youtube though where i teach some songs…. sort of

iamablanketstatement asked: I relate too much to Obsessive Muso With No Friends which makes me feel like I've missed the point of the song. It is ridiculous.

The song is mostly about me relating to sad songs by other musicians by projecting my problems of privedge onto their lyrics. Upon discovering some of the stories behind those songs it can often feel like I don’t even deserve to relate. The songwriting begun with the final line and all resolves around it. I did write it in a cheeky way to try and get people to relate to the song so the last line had more of an effect, but I don’t think you’ve missed the point, you likely just feel similarly to how I do.

Anonymous asked: Love the new album, James. Do you have lyrics for Leech Boy, I am Shit, I'm A Cliché and Just A Snail? They're missing from Bandcamp.

I totally got lazy whilst writing them. Along with ‘respond to all ignored mail on various websites’, put lyrics online, put songs on soundcloud and make a website are all on my to-do list.

Anonymous asked: The new album is actually perfect, not a single flaw!

pretty good going for an album about my flaws.

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