Anonymous said: I love you so much I want your babies

please don’t take my babies.

Anonymous said: please come to kansas so i can hug you and write poems with you

I hope one day I can make it to America! When I can afford plane tickets/ find magic ruby slippers

Anonymous said: do u get a lot of fan art? b/c I think more bands should get cool drawings n stuff

I sometimes do and I love getting it. I probably see more cover songs than fanart but I always try and reblog whatever people make. When I was younger I used to cover my drawings with Sufjan Stevens, Okkervil River and Joni Mitchell lyrics, so it’s really humbling when I see people doing that with my lyrics!!

Anonymous said: i heard you used to post about yr music on /mu/. do you still browse 4chan.

I posted my music twice on /mu/ asking for feedback. I used to use it for sharethreads to find links to old psych albums. I don’t really have the time/desire to go on there anymore.

That’s obviously a lie though. It’s a well known fact that /mu/ is the best place on the whole of the internet to promote your music. That’s why myself, Dads, Giles Corey, Jordaan Mason, Thomas Diaz and all of Death Grips work together collectively to promote our music on there. Everytime you see any of our bands mentioned on there, it’s actually one of us posting asif we where a fan of our music to trick everyone. We all had to resort to this as websites like, bandcamp, tumblr and music blogs in general where having no effect whatsoever in promoting our music online. It’s also a well known fact that touring and word-of-mouth have no effect on getting your name out. If you’re a struggling musician stop wasting time trying to practice your instrument and get better, just make sure your band name is sometimes mentioned on 4chan and watch as you suddenly get thousands of listeners.

artsinboy said: you helped inspire my boyfriend to get a mullet, so i obviously have a lot to thank you for

I’m glad I can be a positive inspiration for once.

shocking-truth said: What's with Langdon Alger, I saw it on the Crywank bandcamp, is that a side project or something?

it it, it’s a simpsons theamed side project about a stalker. it’s pretty gross.

Anonymous said: croywonk


Anonymous said: It would be totally awesome if you were able to play an all ages show in like Leeds or something...or anywhere near Harrogate for that matter! It's one of my life goals to see you at least once haha stay rad we’re playing leeds on our next tour. I wish it was all ages but it’s hard to find the venues. We got a 16+ one though!! JT soars gig in nottingham is all ages if you can travel :)

twodoor-cinemacunt said: Please come to Ireland!!!

It’s planned for next year. Pretty bad at organizing stuff and we usually need a lot of help. We’re gonna try and arrange Cork and Dublin gigs on our next euro tour though!!

Anonymous said: are you playing anywhere near brighton any time soon????

yes I am. I don’t know the venue yet though. keep updated on the event page here: :)

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